One day tour in March 31, 2018
Destination:   ChengJia Town of Pujiang county in ChengDU
Departure time: 7:00 in March 31, 2018
Travel mode: self driving

Activities: hiking tour break set

Line: Long Beach lake for a walk.
Distance: 15-25 km flexible to make Houttuynia cordata
We have a good lunch at noon. The skipper has a good dish.
Venue: town  hospital
Difficulty coefficient: 50%
Time: 9:00 first left to eat a bowl of noodles mountain
TGuide brother: Sun Kong  masters 

Estimated cost: 100 RMB a DAY
Save some Kazakhstan

Not about to walk regardless of the weather again under the rain to cut Zuodao tea tea can astringent
Note: according to oneself condition, we need to bring mountaineering staff, mountaineering shoes, raincoat, money three, water three, do not cut and steal things from other people's homes.

There are standard to ask heaven and what do you mean I can only say to you don't have much time to eat a little more cutting Ba Zi Luo
Every one's bag is on the back.
Walking curse mark to understand all the world ha ha a road to standard people chanting subject to Kazakhstan
Poor, tired not to rape lazy ah

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