Master Kong Three hiking day  on March 24, 2018
The weather not affected
Destination: Jiangyou
Departure time: March 23, 2018 After work
Way of travel: by train ,Chengdu North Station - Jiangyou K2632 18:40 distribution or according to their own time, any other moving car to see everyone
               Return trip Buy 24th K245 20:51 Distribution, Jiangyou-Chengdu North Station
You can also take highspeed train ,it is so high price ^_^
               Don't collect tickets when you go back. When you come back, it is much easier

               If you want to darken it, you may be astringent.
Activities: Pure villages, secluded paradise, isolated flowers hiking

              On May 6th last year, another trek to the cliff in Yunding village, went down to the cliff, walked down the cliff wall and went to buy some dirt eggs.
Line: Waist Cliff - Genting Village - Jingtai Village
Distance: 25 km or more ,so you need good energy
        There is a good place on the edge of the train station. I couldn't live with the rotten fisherman before.
Meeting point: Chengdu North Railway Station
Degree of difficulty: 75%
Driving time: 7:30 First bowl of mountain on 24th
This time, I took the lead in the Big Brother: The Three- Kong Masters
              You are welcome to welcome him. Welcome to treacherous traitors
Welcome all kinds of ghosts and zombie to participate in the inner Sao Longmen array
   The monarch is abominating and suppressing all evil spirits
Estimated cost: 200 RMB, eat and drink astringent, all AA no extra fee to the others ,your safety is own
To save a little Kazakhstan
  More than 4 people travel so that the chartered car saves one or two pieces to be affected by the chest
Unprecedented weather can be accompanied by the next big rain, but also to sit down tea shop can be tea
Matters needing attention: According to their own circumstances need to bring trekking poles, hiking shoes, raincoats, money, three, water three.foods; do not cut to steal people's things Kazakhstan, the building of things to dig lotus people marked 

Each bag is backed by everyone
When you are walking, you can see the world of Hades.
Don't come to Kazakhstan

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