Hi there,

This is Stephanie Zhou, a TCSL( Teaching Chinese As a Second Language) teacher from Chengdu, looking for students if any.
I am strong at daily Chinese teaching, and have students from Brazil, America, England, Mexico, Korean and Thailand.

My current classes are mainly private classes, 1v1. Some of them are learning daily Chinese and some of them are learning HSK5, focusing on business Chinese and Chinese history.

And now I also want to open group class, it’s 1v2 class, so if you come with one of your friend, you can learn Chinese together and mostly importantly, the price would be so sexy attractive to you. Group class mainly focuses on daily Chinese, so after 10 lessons learning, you can say hello to Chinese people, talk about time and date in Chinese, order food and go shopping, and see a doctor when you are sick.
I also teach in West Chines School of Basic Medical Science and Forensic Medicine, Sichuan University and Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic School, and class will be restarted in the middle of March, so time is quite tight for you to book class as soon as possible.
I am based in the South, Software Park, which I am quite familiar with. I am now flexible for the whole city. Currently I have organized a Chinese corner which aims to make expats in Chengdu meet each other and speak Chinese.

To sum up, if you are looking for Chinese tutor, I am pretty sure I am the right person for you, so don't hesitate to contact me via WeChat which my number is Stephanie647034.
Look forward to hearing from you.



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